Convincing My Mom to Get Vaccinated

One of my weakness is the lack of convincing power. I don’t have that much of strength to persuade someone if that person strongly disagree or doesn’t believe in what I am saying. I have my own principle – ‘if you don’t want to believe even I already stated the truth, then it’s fine with me, it’s your loss not mine’. Maybe that’s one of the reason why I don’t belong in the world of sales and marketing.

But of course there’s always an exemption to the rules. It’s been more than a month now since I tried to convince my Mom to get vaccinated against covid19. She is already 69 years old with health issues so she’s one of the vulnerable citizen who’s on the top list of priority to get a vaccine shot. Our local government has set up a procedure how to get in the list to be vaccinated. We need to register first online and then wait for a text message for the schedule.

Since there are short supply of vaccine, medical frontliners, persons with comorbidity and senior citizens are the first priorities. I told my Mom that I would register her online. But to my surprised, she strongly disagree. She doesn’t want to receive a vaccine shot. So I explained to her all the pros of receiving a vaccine and the protection she’ll get when she get vaccinated. Unfortunately, she still refused. When asked her reason why, she just said that there’s no reason at all. And that made me worried. I thought she’s just nervous or has fear of the possible side effects or concerned with the outcome. But she’s hesitant for no reason, I really doubt it.

So almost everyday I talk to her and try to persuade her to get a vaccine shot. I even showed her videos of people her age who got vaccinated. Even read to her the facts about the different vaccine brands and their efficacy rate and how safe they are. I also told her to give it a thought. But all of that are of no use. She’s firmed with her decision of not to get one. She even got mad at me for being persistent. Sometimes, I ran out of words of encouragement and explanation how to convince her. I even asked help from my siblings to persuade her. But her answer is always no.

Now, I am waiting to get vaccinated as I belong to the least priority group to receive a vaccine. Maybe once I get vaccinated, it’ll be easy for me to convince my Mom to also get one. I will not get tired until I succeed in persuading her. I only hope that she’ll remain safe and sound until the day comes for her to agree to receive a vaccine.