Sometimes, Life Isn’t Fair

So I went this morning to the supermarket to buy some groceries needed at home. It was still early when I arrived so I waited for the opening of the store. There are already like 17 other people waiting with me. We were all in a queue with the distance of about a meter between each other, under the sun without any shades. It was only past 8 in the morning but the heat was already too hot to bear. Good thing I brought my umbrella with me.

After 15 minutes of waiting, the supermarket opened and customers started to enter. Everybody was wearing a proper facemask and a face shield for safety protocols, except for one. There’s one lady who looks like in her mid 40’s in 4th of the queue not wearing a face shield and her facemask in under her chin. She’s having an argument with the security guard because she forgot to bring her QR code and didn’t allowed to enter.

One of the policy in our town this pandemic is to register in our local safety website to generate a QR code bearing our personal health information. Upon entering any kind of establishments, like supermarket, within our town, the security guard or any personnel assigned in the entrance will get our temperature and they will scan our QR code for identification and encode our present temperature. That process is for easy contact tracing. A bit hassle but it’s for everybody’s safety.

With what she wears and a Chanel bag, the lady looks like belongs to an upper class. She began to shout and humiliate the security guard. She doesn’t want to give way for us in the queue to enter first. She even made a scene, claiming that she have a high position in a company and that she’s a closed friend of the mayor, and so on. She demanded to talk to the manager of the supermarket telling that she’ll make the security guard get fired in his job. The security guard was very humble asking for an apology and told the lady that he’s just only doing his duty and that everybody should follow the rules. There were some other customer began to interfere and after like 10 minutes of arguing, the manager arrived and assisted both the customer and the security guard inside, maybe in the office.

At last, the rest in the queue, including me smoothly enter the store. While I was pushing my cart to get the things I need, I couldn’t avoid to think the woman’s attitude. Come on, everybody must follow the minimum health and safety protocols implemented by the government, regardless of your position and level in the society. It’s not that difficult to wear mask properly and to go back home and get the QR code and face shield that she forgot to bring, then come back. She doesn’t need to humiliate someone who’s only doing his job because it’s not fair. Whether she has problems or personal issue that morning, it’s not enough to justify her bad actions. She’s not in the position to demand or to hysterical because it’s her fault not following the rules and she should’ve known that.

As I was heading to the cashier, I saw that woman getting a pushcart assisted by the store manager. Her big smile seems like she won in a case or something like that. I wonder what happened to the security guard because I didn’t see him back in his post. I went home thinking about the incident, praying and hoping that Mr. security guard didn’t lose his job because of that kind of person. What I witnessed today only showed that life isn’t always fair, especially for those who belongs to the lower class of the society.