My Favorite Summer Fruits

The scorching summer heat in the country is likely to remain this month with an average of 38-40 degrees Celcius temperature everyday. The extreme heat really makes you sweat all over, irritated and hydrated. I myself already tried every possible way to cool down my body’s temperature. And one way is to always stay hydrated to replace the fluid loss from my body due to excessive sweat. Of course drinking a lot of water is really necessary but eating my favorite summer fruits is another way to keep myself hydrated. Here are some of my favorite tropical fruits best to dig in this hot summer days:

Watermelon. This tropical fruit is one of my favorite during summer because it contains more than 90% of water which makes it very useful for staying hydrated. It also contains antioxidants and natural sugar that surely satisfy a sweet tooth like me. Here in the Philippines, watermelon can be seen and bought almost everywhere during summer months in the most affordable price. There’s the red and yellow flesh watermelon, with seeds or seedless. I eat watermelon almost everyday. It is best eat when refrigerated.

Coconut Water (Buko Juice). Another fruit best to keep hydrated is the juice from young green coconut, or simply called ‘buko juice’ here in the Philippines. The good thing is that coconut is available not only in summer months but all year round. The fresh water from the young coconut has less sugar and contains electrolytes and some minerals good for the body. I usually buy young coconut water including its white young flesh and keep it inside the refrigerator before consuming. I really love the refreshing taste of both the juice and the flesh.

Melon (Cantaloupe). Another refreshing fruit snack during summer season is the melon fruit. It has high water content helps prevent dehydration. It also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Melon can be made to juice by shredding its flesh or put it in a blender and add cold water and ice or fresh milk, depending on your preference. I sometimes slice it and refrigerate it before eating.

Mango. Another fruit always available during summer are mangoes with up to 83% water content. Here in the country, there are many varieties of mango such as the carabao mango, indian mango, apple mango, horse mango, pajo or pahutan mango and the evergreen mango. My favorites among these are the carabao mango and the indian mango. Carabao mango is very sweet when ripe while the indian mango is best eaten when raw because of its sweetness and sour taste combination.