While Waiting for the Sunset…

I usually take my dog out for a short walk and play in the morning and late in the afternoon. It’s our routine, especially this time of pandemic. We go to a vacant lot just very close to our residence. It is a fenced barren land without any gate and a private property. But fortunately the owner is generous to allow us and our other neighbors to enter. The place became a playground, a resting area, a parking lot and a dog park in one.

The perimeter is big enough for my dog, Bingo, to play around and explore. My nephews and nieces as well as the other kids also use the place as their playground. They play there every afternoon, the same time I take Bingo for walk.

Today, we went there a little early than usual so Bingo can play longer. I sat on a big piece of wood where I usually sit everyday, especially if the sun isn’t setting yet. It’s one of my favorite area because there are trees behind and shades to cover me and I can fully watch Bingo and the kids and the sunset.

My favorite spot is under this Acacia tree

Upon watching the kids running, playing and teasing each other, I suddenly thought how nice to be a child again. No much worries, no much serious problems, no stress. Just full of laughter, jokes, play and happiness. My thought interrupted by Bingo’s lick on my feet, he wanted me to pet him for awhile. Then he excitedly ran again. He’s very happy too, running freely, sniffing and exploring around.

Bingo’s huge playground

We usualy spend half an hour outside. But today, I decided to stay longer to wait and watch the sunset. Actually, I always wait for the sun to set before returning home. I really love the view of the sun slowly fading its brightness in the horizon. The red-orange hue of the sun that signify the end of the day give me a calm and peaceful feeling.

This afternoon, the sun set a little late. It was already past 6pm when the sun started to hide down. But it never fails to amaze me, just like everyday, the sunset was still beautiful in my view. As the sun disappear in my eyes, my spirit got back also to normal.

The beautiful sunset

The time is up. I called the kids and approached Bingo, held his leash and we walked home. It’s time to rest and prepare for the evening routine. Another sun set has passed. Another day has gone. But one thing for sure, that whatever happens, the day can end beautifully, like the sunset.