The Missing Hole

I bought an inflatable single couch years ago and I used it only for only a short period of time and just kept it. After years inside the cabinet, I decided to use it again. I inflated it with an air pump and was glad that it’s still good as new. I sit there when I’m writing or reading and sometimes just to relax and feel comfy. But after using it for days, I noticed that there’s something wrong with my inflatable couch. It slowly deflate until I wasn’t able to sit on it anymore because it was totally deflated. I was sure that there’s only a small hole on it because it took days for it to deflate totally. So, I inflated it again and try to find the hole.

I searched all over and even used a magnifying glass just to see the hole where the air was coming out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. Until it gradually deflated again. Patiently, I inflated it again and try harder to search where the problem is and for the nth times, I failed to find it. The couch isn’t that big and have only two colors, brown and black. And I know that it has a hole or some kind of damage. I just really don’t know why until now, I’m still struggling to find the reason why it deflates slowly.

Out of disappointment, I stared on my deflated couch for long. Then I think of life. Our life is like my inflatable couch, we need to filled it with happiness, love and positive thoughts for us to become more useful and feel comfortable. But there comes a time when our happiness slowly fading and for some reasons, we couldn’t find the answer why it happens. We don’t even know what’s wrong with us. And even how hard we tried  searching for that hole in our life that caused our misery, we still failed finding it.

However, we still need again to filled in our lives with happiness to replace what has been lost, otherwise, we will end up living with sadness and might lose our purpose in life. We shouldn’t let the hole in our life becomes bigger, we must find it and fill it while it is small. And if it happens that our life will feel down again, just repeat the process – try to find the hole, deal with it and filled our life with happiness again.

And for my inflatable couch, I’ll still try to find the missing hole while it’s still small and try to repair by patching it, then inflate it again to use it for it’s purpose.