Filipino Desserts Perfect for Summer

Philippines’ hot dry season or summer officially started yesterday. Filipinos will now begin to expect a much warmer weather everyday. With the sweat and uncomfortable feeling brought by the scorching hot weather, everybody is finding ways how to beat the summer heat. Plunging in the beach right now is not an easy option because of so many travel restrictions due to pandemic. However, there’s another way to cool ourselves these days – desserts. Yes, refreshing desserts that will surely keep cool us down this very hot summer. Before milk tea and fruit shakes, here are some of Filipino’s favorite local desserts during summer which are easy to prepare, cheap and always available around.


A popular cold dessert in the Philippines every summer. ‘Halo-halo’ which literally means “mix-mix” in english is a layered dessert consisting of various ingredients. It is usually prepared by mixing different sweetened fruits such as banana, jackfruit, sweet potato, tapioca pearls, beans and a lot more with shaved ice and evaporated milk. To make it more special, leche plan, purple yam and ice cream are placed on top. Stirring and mixing all the ingredients make halo-halo a delicious and refreshing sweet treat during hot days.

Ice Candy

Ice candy is one of the most accessible and cheap dessert in this hot summer days. It is a Filipino version of popsicle, but instead of freezing the flavored liquid around a stick, ice candy liquid mixture is poured into a plastic casing using a funnel and then freeze. Almost all kinds of fruits can be made as ice candy flavor as well as chocolate and milk flavors. Ice candy is sold almost anywhere in a very affordable price. This refreshing dessert is very easy to prepare at home.

Ice Buko

Another refreshing sweet dessert that will beat the summer heat is ice buko. Also known as coconut popsicle, ice buko is a frozen dessert made from young coconut strips, coconut water and condensed milk in a popsicle stick. Some added sweetend red beans or jackfruit on top. Here in the country, ice buko vendors usually roam around the street in their bicycle ringing a bell to call who wants to buy.

Sorbetes ( Filipino ‘Dirty Ice Cream’)

A traditional variation of ice cream made in the Philippines, Sorbetes or also known as Filipino dirty ice cream is another dessert popular every summer. It is called dirty ice cream not because it’s dirty, the reason for the nickname comes from the locals jokingly call it dirty due to the fact that it is sold along the street. As matter of fact, this ice cream is kept inside their cart with cover. Ice cream vendors push their cart along the street ringing their bell and sell it to everyone. Sorbetes is almost the same as the one selling in the supermarket or convenience store but in much cheaper price. It comes in different flavors, and there are options where you want to put your ice cream, in a cup, cone or as filling in bread.

Ice Scramble

Ice Scramble is another Filipino frozen dessert made of flavored shaved ice top with chocolate or strawberry syrup, powdered milk and candy sprinklers or mini marshmallows. The ice is shaved finely and flavored with sweet banana extract, vanilla and sugar. It is also sold in the street in a cart. Nowadays, ice scramble recipe is given with some kind of twist, experimenting with different flavors and toppings.