‘This too shall pass’

A phrase most of us used to say whenever we experience difficult moment in life. ‘This too shall pass’, means everything eventually ends because nothing is permanent in this world, that no matter what you are experiencing in life, it is only temporary. An encouragement phrase used to comfort someone who is suffering from physical and emotional pain, unpleasant situation, deep sorrow, great loss, grief, or whatever hardship it maybe. Everything won’t last forever. Those emotions, thoughts or experiences will eventually fade and pass as the time goes by.

A simple reminder of ‘This too shall pass’ will give you the extra strength to keep going and the courage to go on with your life. One day or the other, no matter how difficult and unbearable the situations are, if you just keep your head steady, everything you are going through shall come to an end. You must remember that you are not the only person who experienced sufferings, all humans do. Everybody has their own burden to carry. It’s just a matter of time and patience that those weights eventually lessen until all of the burdens will be gone.

‘This too shall pass’ also a phrase refers to whatever good things happen to someone. When you achieve something good or good things happened to you, being too proud in a negative way will make no sense. If you take it to your head, it won’t last forever. Change is inevitable. It is the only thing that is permanent. Nobody can resist it. Everything changes. Your hardship today will become a happy moment one day and vice versa. Nothing will stay forever. Everything shall pass gradually and in due time.

Wherever the origin of this phrase ‘This too shall pass’, you have to remember that when things get bad for you, don’t worry as it won’t be the same always. And when good things happen, enjoy it while you can as it won’t be the same always.

For the hardship I am experiencing right now, I must say ‘This too shall pass’.