More of Singapore’s Must-Visit Places (part 3)

I featured some of the must-visit places in Singapore on my last blog. In addition to that, here are more of the wonderful destinations when you plan to visit Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

This is one of the top attractions in Singapore. Located in the heart of the city, this place is a sanctuary for nature lovers. Garden by the Bays have three huge spaces – the Bay South Garden, the Bay East Garden and the Bay Central Garden. Guide yourself with a map because you might lost inside. Here’s the things you’ll see at the Gardens by the Bay:

Flower Dome. Situated in the Bay South Gardens, this space is home for different plants and flowers from the five continents. A huge greenhouse filled with beds of flowers and tropical palms.

Cloud Forest. A 35-meter tall mountain with ferns and pitcher plants and a breath-taking indoor waterfalls. This place is a mist-filled landscape covered with lush vegetation.

OCBC Skyway & Supertree Grove. Vertical gardens that spans about 25-50 meters in height with two of the Supertree grove connected by the arch of OCBC Skyway. This enables you to walk through the Supertree and experience the amazing view of the garden. The Supertree Grove is man-made structures in the shape of trees, made of concrete and steel with over a hundred thousands plants embeded into the trunks.

Floral Fantasy. This conservatory is inspired both by history and fantasy. What you will see inside are colorful flowering plants suspended from the ceilings.

Universal Studios Singapore

Located within the Resorts World Sentosa, this attraction is great not only for children but for all ages. It features 24 rides, shows and attractions. Universal Studios Singapore is consists of seven themed zones, each is based on movies featuring their own attractions.

Hollywood. Based on the Hollywood Boulevard of 1970’s, this is the main area of the park. It has a broadway-style theater and filled with Hollywood-inspired architecture.

New York. This zone features a post-modern New York City with replicas of its landmarks commonly portrayed in movies.

Sci-Fi City. Themed after what cities and metropolis may look like in the future. This is where the dueling roller coaster is located.

Ancient Egypt. Based on the historical adaptation of Ancient during the Golden Age. It features pyramids and Pharaoh’s tombs.

The Lost World. This zone is divided into two areas, the Jurassic Park and the Waterworld. Jurassic Park features water rides while the Waterworld features a live show.

Far Far Away. Inspired by the Shrek movie featuring the appearance of the characters of Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Princess Fiona and Pinocchio.

Madagascar. Based on the movie of the same name, it features a tropical jungle and rides with appearances of its characters.

Merlion Park

This is the landmark of Singapore located in the Downtown Core district just near the Central Business District and opposite side of Marina Bay Sands. Merlion is legendary iconic mythical creature of half-lion and half-fish. This is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore and visiting the country is not complete and official without taking photos with the spouting water from the Merlion Statue. You can also take a leisure stroll around the park and watch the light and water show at night.