Pink Beaches in the Philippines

Philippines is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and one reason for this is because of its attractive and beautiful beaches. Boracay and Palawan are some of the evidence why a lot of tourists fell in love in the country. The perfect picturesque spot in Palawan and the white fine sand in Boracay kept visitors in coming back for number of times. But aside from that, Philippines still have plenty of wonderful destinations to offer.

There are some places in the country having a pink fine sand beaches that will definitely enjoy by many beach lovers out there like me. Here are some of the pink beaches in the Philippines that you can add on your bucket list after the pandemic.

Sila Island

Located in the town of San Vicente, along the coast of Northern Samar Province in Eastern Visayas, Sila Island is one of the few beaches in the country having a shoreline which sands sparkling in a pinkish color. Locals and some visitors there commonly called it as the ‘pink beach’. The powdery pinkish hue of the island’s sands originally comes from the natural colors of the coral reefs and shell fragments. The magical pink beach reveals another color in the shade of red in the middle of the day when the sun is at it’s hottest and brightest. But on a cloudy day, the island seems like a normal white sand beach. So summer is really the best time to visit the island to experience the uniqueness and charm of the ‘Pink Beach’.

Great Santa Cruz Island

This is a small inhabited island located in Zamboanga City in Zamboanga Peninsula in the Southern Region part of the country. Great Santa Cruz Island is very popular for it’s fine pink hue sand. The amazing pink color of the beach comes from the crushed red organ-pipe corals washed up from offshore and mixes with white sand. The pastel pink color of the sand compliments with the refreshing crystal blue shades of the sea and the lush green trees along the shoreline. Another perfect paradise to complete the summer fever.

Parola Island

Parola Island is a secluded paradise situated off the coast of the town of Panganiban in the province of Camarines Norte. Just like other pink beaches, the pinkish hue of the island resulted from dried up coral reefs that washed off the seashore. The pink color of the sand is more visible when the sun starts to set. Visiting Parola Island is like going back to basic because there’s no available accommodation nor electricity in the area, so better bring your own tent and supplies. However, you’ll still perfectly enjoy this pink beach by go swimming and snorkeling or watch the relaxing view of the sunrise and the sunset.

Subic Beach

Located in Matnog town in Sorsogon Province, in the Southernmost part of Luzon, Subic Beach is divided into two, Subic Laki (Subic Big Beach) and Subic Liit (Subic Small Beach). The soft hue pink of the sand in Subic Beach is mostly visible during sunrise and sunset when the rays of the sun reflect the radiant color of the beach. The pink color of the sand comes from pulverized coral pieces left by tiny red and pink shells of marine creatures. Unlike other pink beaches in the country, Subic Pink Beach tends to get crowded as the island is slowly being known for many tourists.